Be an Artist. Live Your Dream...

Full Two Day Workshop At Pro Photo Supply In Portland OR.  Sponsored by Westcott

And the best part is, because this workshop is sponsored by Westcott and Pro Photo Supply, I am able to offer it at 50% off my regular two day workshop price! Hurry and sign up now as it is limited to 15 attendees.

This workshop is a must for those who want to take the mystery out of using strobe lighting, learn to become a creative force and THINK LIKE AN ARTIST!

Throw out those lighting diagrams, those annoying lighting ratios and sell your flash-meter on eBay. Well, that may be a bit drastic, but think about this; a technical instrument can never make a creative artistic decision, this is reserved for the human mind. Over the two days I will be covering how to use all sorts of modifiers such as soft boxes, the beauty dish, octagon banks, umbrellas, grids, etc., while working from an intuitive, feeling approach. This is without question the key to the whole creative process. You will be presented with ways on how to develop your personal creative vision that is unique to you.

Over the two days, I will be having four amazing fashion/beauty/sports models for the hands on lighting demonstration portions. Each of the attendees will have an opportunity to experiment with the various lighting techniques covered in the lectures, so bring your basic camera kit! And not to be overlooked, I will be covering my Photoshop techniques used in my photographs, including the HDR techniques used for all my backgrounds. I hold back nothing in revealing my photographic process. To finish the workshop off, my last session "Thriving in the Marketplace", is designed to prepare and encourage photographers to get out and create a income with their craft.


Sept. 30- Oct. 1, 2017 (Sat-Sun)  9:00 AM -5:00 PM

$550.00 (Two Full Days)

This workshop is limited to only 15 attendees.

Portland Workshop Details

Workshop Schedule:  Each day we keep the following; lecture format in the mornings and hands on shooting with the model in the afternoon.

Day one topics include:

Think Like an Artist

Master the Light

Four hours of hands on shooting with models in the afternoon.

Day two topics include:

Thriving in the Marketplace

HDR 32 bit Backgrounds that Rock

Photoshop Compositing

Four hours of hands on shooting with models in the afternoon.

What to Bring:  

You will need a basic digital camera kit with at least one medium focal length zoom lens for a few prime lenses that cover semi wide angle to semi telephoto.  A tripod is not mandatory, but if you want to create some HDR background it would be advisable.  Also, a laptop is not required, but if you want to do any editing and post process please bring one.

Meals & Accommodations:  

Travel and lodging are separate, but lunch will be provided each of the two days.

Portland Hotel Recommendations

Inn @ Northrup Station – Walking distance from our store. No car needed!

Marriott Residence Inn / Pearl District – Half-a-mile walking distance from our store.

Hotel deLuxe - on our street-car route or just under a mile walking distance.

Across the river on the Eastside of Portland - trendy area with lots of awesome restaurants:

Jupiter Hotel – about 2.2 miles from the store, easy public transportation available from here.

Hilton DoubleTree - about 2 miles from the store, easy public transportation available from here.

Downtown Portland - more upscale options:


The Nines – Downtown Portland about 6 minutes drive from our store.

Hotel Modera – Downtown Portland about 7 minutes drive from the store.

The Heathman Hotel – Downtown Portland about 5 minutes drive from the store. Has a wonderful restaurant and many more near by.

Hotel Lucia – Downtown Portland about 5 minutes drive from the store.

Cancellation/Refunds Policy:  

Due to a cancellation, payment will be refunded 100% if notification is at least two weeks prior to the workshop date.  If there is a cancellation during the last two weeks prior to the workshop date, and we are able to fill your slot we will issue a 100% refund.

Workshop Address:

Pro Photo Supply

1112 NW 19th Ave. Portland OR 97209

Question? Contact:

Lori Carruthers

Marketing & Event Manager

Sept. 30-Oct. 1 (Sat.-Sun.)