The Dramatic Portrait

Joel Grimes new branding tag line on his blog sums it up; “Be an Artist, Live your Dream.  That’s his mission, to get you off the couch and out creating images that you love.  In this new series call the ‘Artist Collection’, Joel seeks to inspire photographers to take the next step beyond the technical nuts and bolts, and look at the WHY behind the creative process.  

In this one hour long tutorial, Joel takes a look at the basic guidelines to building a dramatic portrait. He begins by revealing three building blocks he uses in all of his portraits; building depth, evoking emotion, and revealing character.  To illustrate this Joel takes you through some of his images breaking down each element that have helped make his portraits so successful.

In addition, Joel emphasizes the value of winning over your audience by tapping into their emotions. Just as a successful song needs a “hook”, Joel talks about creating that element in a photograph that makes his viewers stop and take notice.

Once payment has been received, you will be sent a link and password where you can download the video to your desktop. Keep in mind that on occasion the link has ended up in the buyers Spam Folder, so please check there if you have not received it in a timely manner. Please respect the copyright laws and do not distribute this video in any form without my written permission. Thank you

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