Silencing The Critics

Have you ever been crushed by a harsh critic?  If you haven’t, then you have not stepped into the real world.  There is a critic around every corner.  Just post one of your images on social media and the critics come out like roaches.  So when it comes to making a creative decision, who says the choices you make are right or wrong?  Who determines the final authority on Art and the creative process?  If your answer was you, the Artist, why then do you so often second guess whether you have make the right choice?  Especially when the roaches come out.

In this one hour long tutorial, Joel talks about how to overcome the critics and thrive in a world that is often harsh and unforgiving.  Joel puts things into perspective and gives you the tools to stand firm in your convictions and let your intuition be your best friend. Joel believes that it is impossible to be successful in the marketplace without learning to silence the critics.  

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