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Why join the Joel Grimes Academy?

Joel Grimes has been a working photographer in the commercial advertising arena for over 35 years.  His assignments have taken him to every state across the US and to over 50 countries around the globe.  From Fiat Chrysler Automotive to Red Bull, Joel has shot campaigns for some of the biggest names in the industry.  His insight into the marketing and business side of photography is unprecedented.  Joel is also a Canon Explorer of Light Photographer and has taught and lectured on some of the biggest platforms around the world.  Full Bio

Video Content is the future of educational training.  You can replay the lessons over and over until you feel you have absorbed all the content.  It is also there waiting for you to revisit it in the future.  

The cost  benefits of being a part of a membership educational platform gives you the best bang for your buck.  With over 100 lessons and 58 hours of training, the cost per lesson is a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing individual tutorials. Joel's original individual tutorials averaged between $35-79.  If you purchase the year membership plan, your cost per lesson is around $3.

Keep connected  with fellow subscribers with the online chat community built into the Joel Grimes Academy.  Here you can exchange information and helpful insight with other JGA subscribers.  Ask and answer questions, arrange meet up groups, etc... this is an opportunity to stay connected with likeminded creatives.  

Join the Fifty Self-Assignment Club and be a part of an exclusive group. For the last ten years Joel has set a goal of producing 50 non-paying/non-client self-assignments each year.  Without question, this has helped brand his work and solidify him in this industry.  As a member of JGA if you accomplish 50 self-assignments , Joel will present you with a custom signed certificate.

Exclusive Workshops to be held for the Joel Grimes Academy members.  Joel is also making available one on one workshops to be held at his home in Phoenix,  Arizona.